August Gardening Tips: Root Prune, Separate & Transplant Flowers & Shrubs

August is the month that our gardens are languishing in the heat of the last summertime. Due to the fact that everything appears to be completing up for the growing season, don't disregard your garden and landscape during August just. August is the prime-time show of year to root prune, divide and transplant flowers and shrubs and get them ready for next spring.

August is the month to root prune any woody shrubs or evergreens that you have. Hydrangeas, azaleas and Holly shrubs that have overgrown their environment or that you want to form new plants from need to be root pruned and transplanted throughout the month of August.

Collect seeds or take cuttings from your favorite yearly flowers during August to dry and save for planting in next year's flower beds or for an indoor container garden this winter.

Some yearly bed linen plants root really easily in containers and can be taken pleasure in throughout the winter season- coleus, wax begonias, fuchsia, geraniums and impatiens- will grow extremely well from a cutting. Take some healthy cutting from these annual flowers and root in a glass of water or plant the cutting directly into a container of prepared soil and grow inside your home in a warm location throughout the winter. You'll have blooming charm inside this winter and healthy bed linen plants all set to be planted in the garden next spring.

Seeds from your preferred annual flowers can be grown inside in containers this winter. August is the month to plant seeds from marigolds, snap dragons, impatiens and calendars in containers for healthy bedding plants next spring.
Seeds from hybrid yearly flowers are A Guide to Gardening with Light bulbs Original to The United States and Canada to plant or save in containers for the winter season. Whatever seedling germinates and grows from hybrid flower seeds will not resemble the moms and dad plant. Deadhead all your hybrid yearly flowers in August and dispose of the seeds.

Perennial flowers must be divided and transplanted throughout August. Dig down deep enough under the perennial flower to keep some of the soil undamaged around the roots when dividing and transplanting.

August is the month to plant Chrysanthemums for fall flowering. Choose Chrysanthemum plants that are just beginning to bud, not those that are currently in blossom, so they will have a longer blooming period in your garden.
If you plan to mail order any spring flower bulbs or roots, August is the time to get your order in for peony roots and spring flower bulbs so they will arrive in time to be planted prior to the first frost.

There are many August gardening chores to be carried out in preparation for next year's growing season.

Don't disregard your garden and landscape during August simply because everything appears to be finishing up for the growing season. August is the prime time of year to root prune, divide and transplant flowers and shrubs and get them all set for next spring.

Deadhead all of your hybrid annual flowers in August and discard the seeds.

Perennial flowers should be separated and transplanted throughout August.